The Chimera are a parasitic, alien species. Originally, it was thought that gruesome Russian experiments resulted in the creation of the Chimera, due to their invasion starting out of that country. However, the Chimera themselves claim to be the original inhabitants of Earth and to be "the evolution of man". Whether or not this is true has yet to be seen. It is known that the Chimera invaded Earth seemingly for the sole purpose of eradicating humankind and claiming Earth for themselves; however, in Resistance 2, their reasons for invading the Earth are found to be more complex. The Chimeran invasion of Earth seems to have started shortly after the Tunguska Event occurred, lending a bit of mystery as to their true origins.


The true origins of the Chimera are unknown, but it is known that at least 60 million years ago the Chimera, or their creators, controlled Earth. According to The Chrysalis, it claimed that the Chimera had taken over worlds other than Earth, implying that Earth was at one time a colony of the Chimera. It was during that era that the Chimera was at war with another alien race.[1] It is unknown what the outcome of this war was, but it is believed to be very devastating such as the Chicxulub Crater being an example of this, which forced the Chimera to leave Earth. Remnants of this war known as Gray Tech were discovered by human scientists to conclude that the non-Chimeran artifacts may have some ties to the Chimera's absence on Earth.

For some unprecedented time, the Chimera returned to Earth during the Tunguska Event in 1908. Evidence suggests that the Chimera have been planning for this to happen for a long time as shown by the excavated Chimeran Towers which were long buried across the world. Some towers even happened to be under major population centers, such as London, Paris, and Chicago.

From the moment of their arrival on Earth, they proceeded to infect and/or kill almost every living organism in Russia before making themselves known on 1927 before conquering Russia by the early 1940s. Knowledge of the Chimera's existence was hardly known to the world due to the fact that Russia had undergo a stringent isolationist policy which kept the world entirely ignorant of this. Though, western intelligence agencies were becoming more keenly aware of the events transpiring in Russia such as cold weather changes, but initially mistaken the Chimera as a byproduct of a Russian experiment gone wrong. During the 1940s, the Chimera had patiently building their armies before breaking through the Red Curtain and swiftly invading Europe on December 1949. In a matter of weeks, continental Europe was conquered before the United Kingdom, the last European nation, was eventually invaded after the Chimera dug under the English Channel, easily overwhelming its defenders. Noted changes in the environment/climate of Britain and the excavation of many Chimeran Towers by the Chimera happened shortly after their brutal takeover of the country. However, it wasn't until the United States' intervention during the Battle of London resulted in the decimation of the Chimera throughout the United Kingdom and the knowledge of the Chimera's delicate hive-like connection to the Angels through the destruction of the Chimeran tower network caused a turning point for humanity which led to Western Europe's liberation during Operation Overstrike.

Despite of these human victories, the Chimera were quick to learn from their failures and made progressive changes in evolving newer and stronger strains and technology to advance their onslaught over the western hemisphere. Through these changes was their new leadership under Daedalus, a former human being who was a severe mutated byproduct of Project Abraham. It was under Daedalus that the Chimera were able to invade Africa, South America, and Canada within two years before setting their complete focus on the United States. The Chimera's goal through these invasions was to activate the tower network across Earth and were finalizing their intentions on the unactivated towers remaining in America. Ultimately, the Chimera invaded the U.S. on May 15th, 1953, deploying a fleet of Chimeran airships which severely devastated the country and its military by June. By this time, the Chimera activated the tower network and channeled its energy towards the Chicxulub Crater which is being harness by the Chimeran fleet's flagship in an effort to open a wormhole. The remnants of SRPA attempted to stop Daedalus's and the Chimera's intentions by destroying the flagship through a nuclear fission bomb. However, the detonation of the bomb only "kick start" the tower network surging all energy toward New York City. In which a wormhole opens over the city. Apparently, the Chimera's intentions was to transport Earth to another part of space, presumably allowing more of their species to occupy the planet en-mass.

By 1957, the Chimera had taken total control over Earth. As a result, the Chimera, for unexplained reasons, had forgone the need to capture and convert human beings (possibly due to the Hale vaccine). They subsequently began an extermination campaign to wipe out what remained of the human population, with the goal of terraforming Earth into a frozen wasteland using massive orbital weapons known as Terraformers. The wormhole above the New York City Chimeran Tower would then be used for its sole purpose: to transport millions of Pure Chimera from their homeworld to Earth.[3] Furthermore, the Chimera have removed some Chimeran strains such as Grims and Leapers from the Chimeran military structure; they are now considered 'feral', becoming hostile to its own kind as a result.

However, on August 1957, the Chimera were dealt a sudden and devastating blow when Joseph Capellilaunched a desperate attack that destroyed the New York Tower, shutting down the wormhole to Earth and ending the Chimera's terraformation process. Capelli's actions not only bought Earth more time, they inspired the remaining humans to rise up and renew the fight against the Chimera. Over time it became apparent that humanity have finally won the war againist the Chimera.


Physical Traits

Physical characteristics of the various forms of Chimera include having between two to six bright yellow eyes, greatly varied anatomies, and grayish-green skin. Their metabolism is another one of their more interesting aspects, as it is twelve times that of a normal human being. This enhanced metabolism grants them extraordinary regeneration abilities, speed, and strength.[2][3]

The side effect of this trait is that their bodies tend to overheat, which literally cooks them from the inside out.[4] In order to counteract this effect, Chimeran soldiers have artificial cooling devices implanted on their backs in order to survive. This suggests that the Chimera are not being created under ideal conditions. The Chimera tend to thrive in very cold temperatures and there have been successful attempts by the Chimera to alter the Earth's climate to suit their needs. As a direct result, temperatures in certain locations such as London have been reduced to sub-zero temperatures, resulting in those areas being frozen during July. The biology of the Chimera is detailed even further in SRPA files XX458199 and DNA548781PA. Since after 1951, under Daedalus' command the Chimera have been created and more adapted to more warmer regions and thus ridding any use of cooling devices unless necessary.

The genetic make-up of the Chimeran virus appears to have been specifically designed to attack and modify human genes, suggesting that there is something more to the Chimera than is already known.


The Chimera reproduce through parasitism, converting other species into various Chimeran soldiers by sending Crawlers and/or Spinners (both being small, insect-like Chimera) in a Spire missile to infect any creature near the crash site where the Spire lands. The conversion process (which normally goes very slowly) is greatly augmented with many giant conversion centers, which also, artificially, speed up the conversion of massive amounts of humans into Chimera.

In Resistance: Fall of Man, it appears as if the conversion centers are where all humans infected with the Chimeran virus are taken to be transformed into Chimeran soldiers and other strains. In Resistance 2, however, the Chimera only use conversion centers to create their more advanced strains, and they appear to now be located within Chimeran Towers and warships of the Chimeran Fleet, instead of being in separate buildings altogether. Most of the general population of areas they take over are now converted into Grims by Spinners. Captured soldiers appear to be taken to these conversion centers, perhaps because they are more battle-hardened than most civilians are.

The Chimeran virus is the parasitic and alien virus that is responsible for mutating and transforming lifeforms ranging from humans to animals into Chimera. The Chimeran virus and its viral strains is strongly believed to have originated from some form of meteoroid which caused the Tunguska Event in June 1908. Though still unknown, the virus was precisely formed to attack the human genome when the virus was extraterrestrial in origin.[1] The virus was originally distributed through Crawlers into the organism and then released into the blood stream. It causes shock in its host and then forcing its victim into a comatose state.[2] The Crawlers were commonly, and literally, delivered by Spire missiles onto densely populated areas. After this, Carriers were sent to carry the comatose bodies away to conversion centers, which lower caste Chimera such as Menials oversaw the infected hosts to be encase in Cocoons, which advances the hosts' physical mutations. After the Cocoons "hatches" the final product is then given it's cooling pack. Following the conversion, the transformed host retained no trace of their former personal identity and are completely subservient to the higher chain of the Chimeran hierarchy. After the events of Resistance: Fall of Man, a "second conversion process" was established and exclusively focus on infected female human victims, and the results were creatures called Boilers and Hags. One of the main characters of Resistance: Retribution, Raine Bouchard was infected and mutated into a Hag. James Grayson managed to halt the conversion process by injecting the Carriers with Dr. Claude Bouchard's serum. It's unknown if this temporary conversion process was fixed, but it was replaced by the "third conversion process": Spinners. Between late 1951 and 1953, the Crawler strain was replaced by Spinners, which allowing the hasty infection and conversion process upon heavily human populated areas, transforming countless lives into Grims. During the invasion of the United States, the Chimera launched Spires containing if not hundreds of Spinners upon American cities, turning entire areas into Gray Zones. Earlier, most of these Spire attacks were launched from Chimeran airships upon American coastlines. Many towns and cities like Twin Falls and Chicago have become virtually empty of human or any earthly life, and only leaving with cocoons that the Spinners made in which Grims were developed. From these cocoons, the matured converted Grims then "hatches" out of their chrysalis and attacked any human straying into their territory.

A cocoon is a stage present in Chimeran biological development. Chimeran infection victims are often enveloped in such forms when they are delivered to a Conversion Center. Inside each cocoon, the Human body is broken apart and recombined into a new strain of Chimera. It is theorized that multiple infected are required to breed the larger strains of Chimera. Due to the overheating hazard that many Chimera suffer from, cocoons are often observed and cooled through external measures to prevent damage to the developing Chimera. This brings about the theory that the conversion process is not being performed in the ideal environment and it is unknown if there is a more natural way for the species to reproduce. Spinners spin cocoons around their victims, turning them into Grims, which are only seen in Resistance 2.

A Crawler is a small beetle-like parasite that serve as the Chimera's method of reproduction by spreading the Chimeran virus. These strain of creatures are capable of limited flight, but they are often deployed by Spire missiles, though they are kept in Conversion Centers and sent into holding pens where uninfected prisoners are kept. Upon locating their target, the Crawlers begin to penetrate the victim's body, usually through the airway passages of the mouth or the nose.[1] Once this has been accomplished, they begin to inject the Chimeran virus throughout the body; after this process is completed, the Crawlers expire.[2] After the Crawlers has managed to infect the host, who then abruptly falls into a coma, the virus begins the process of an inexorable conversion of the host into a Chimeran creature.[1] The Crawlers commonly attack in huge swarms to overrun the enemy. Added with their small size, this is a perfect infection strategy. If a Crawler fails to infect a host, it begins gorging on nearby dead bodies--human or Chimeran.[1] After this, the Crawlers go through a metamorphic stage and encase themselves in cocoons. After an unknown period of time, the Crawlers mutate into Leapers and hatch from their pods. It is believed that the Crawlers came from the Tunguska event. By the time of the Chimera's invasion of the United States, Crawlers were beginning to become phased out and replaced with Spinners. Apparently, the Crawlers are likewise evolving into deadlier strains such as The Swarm.

The Spinner is a Chimeran strain that appears in Resistance 2. "Experiment Documents" from the metastasis website reveals that they appear as large, bloated insects. A strain of Chimera known as the Mother Spinners are some sort of "queen" to these Chimera. This strain is most likely not created from human hosts, and instead may be created similarly to the Leapers of Resistance: Fall of Man. The Spinners are the Chimera's new way of infecting human hosts and creating new Chimeran soldiers after the Carriers were killed off, lessening the Chimera's need of Conversion Centers. The Spinners are released from Spires, just like Crawlers, and move on to capture humans and spin them into cocoons-hence the name. From here, hosts are converted into Grims. It is never particularly clear how such small creatures can overpower and restrain able-bodied adults; they are treated as being as unstoppable as Crawlers, but do not seem to be deployed in overwhelming numbers. Indeed, at one point Henry Stillman describes Spinners somehow overturning a moving vehicle, something it does not seem the creatures would be capable of. How Spinners actually "work" remains a mystery. In Resistance: The Gathering Storm, it is shown that Spires used to carry Spinners contain yellowish softball-sized eggs that hatch into thousands of infant Spinners that are stated to 'morph' into cat-sized individuals. When they find an individual human, they will spray a pinkish brown webbing on them. This chrysalis rapidly hardens after which the Spinners will carry it away. It is mentioned that Spinners are apparently capable of stinging, and that they are equipped with fangs and hollow barbs through which chemicals can be injected into victims, resulting in uncontrollable thrashing. This chemical could possibly be used in the process of turning a human (and other organisms) into new Chimera, such as Grims or Hybrids.


The psychology of the average Chimeran troop appears to be very limited, with only the Angel caste (and later Daedalus) having advanced thought. However, SRPA file XX458198suggests that normal Chimera may in fact retain vestigial memories of their previous life. The objects detailed in that file were normal items such as soap bars and toys, which were found to be carried by the Chimera that had been killed in battle. Normal military Chimera are fully capable of military thought and comprehension, as shown by the Primarch and Overseer system. It has been stated, however, that their knowledge of anything else is very limited.

Feral Chimeraare clearly capable of basic thought needed to survive without any form of outside nurturing or supervision, such as nourishment, reproduction and possibly self-preservation. They also seem to live in packs as opposed to being territorial and are highly aggressive towards humans and military Chimera.


Little is known of the culture of the Chimera, but it is, in combat situations at least, known to be brutal, with intelligence reports stating that Chimera will often devour their own kind, usually wounded or dead, and are known to eat human beings as well. On Chimeran vehicles, weapons, buildings, and ships, there are usually three bright lights arranged in a triangle which appear to be completely aesthetic in nature. Additionally, there is often a curious mix of lights, grating, and solid metal where simple plates of metal would do. It is unknown whether these attachments serve a purpose.

Following the successful aftermath of the Chimeran War, the Chimera, for reasons unknown, did not need or saw humans for further use in their conversion process; subsequently they created death squads with the ultimate purpose to liquidate human survivors due to the aforementioned reason.[1] These squads are usually consisted of many strains, including Long Legs, Hybrids, Steelheads and even a Brawler that are transported by Dropships. In the Haven assault, they even deployed a shielded Stalker.

Following the aftermath of the Chimeran War, the Chimera, for some reasons, either abandoned or lost control of several Chimeran strains, and consequently removed them from the Chimeran military hierarchy. As an inevitable result, these "feral" Chimera became hostile against militarized strains. It is theorized that these feral Chimera possibly evolved independently from the Chimeran hive mind and allowing them to become apathetic to both humans and military Chimera. Feral Chimera differ themselves from their military counterparts by being somehow able to reproduce in the wild and proved to be a major threat to military Chimera, in which the once weaker strains such as Grims and Leapers were able to overwhelm stronger strains such as Steelheads. Feral Chimera have been observed to have their own hierarchy, although less formal than that of military Chimera. Widowmakers have been observed as able to call groups of Leapers, and the feral Chimera by the name of "Satan" produces Grims and Leecheswho fight alongside it.


In Resistance: Fall of Man, a leadership caste exists within the Chimera, which consists of the Angels. The Angels possess a telepathic link to all Chimeran soldiers, through which they presumably issue commands. This gives an impression of a hive-like mentality among the Chimera. Without this link, the Chimera under that Angel's control rapidly begin to die off in a matter of days, or even minutes. To prevent this, groups of Angels are linked together through a series of Chimeran Towers, which are powered by nuclear fission reactors. Should the main hub tower of this network be destroyed, it is capable of creating a chain reaction that, as a result, would destroy all the other towers linked to that main Tower. In Resistance 2, Daedalus has overthrown/limited this leadership caste of Angels, deeming them too inefficient to be of great use to the Chimera anymore. Instead, he institutes a new leadership caste of Chimera, which now include Primarchs and Overseers as the main leaders of the Chimeran forces. A Primarch usually has control over 30 to 40 lower ranking Chimera, and Overseers normally control about 12 Primarchs, making for a much more efficient leadership system.[5] This makes it much harder for the Chimera to be stopped, compared to the original method where complete power was vested into an Angel. In Resistance: The Gathering Storm, it is explained that the Chimera species is described as being part of a "great whole"; in which lesser units serve the larger ones. This hierarchy can be seen in Resistance 2, when a Titan knocks (and kills) two Hybrids out of its way.

An Angel is the highest ranking strain of Chimera that first appeared in Resistance: Fall of Man. The strain assume command roles over the other strains of the Chimeran virus, giving them a great deal of influence among the species as a whole. The extent of this connection is unclear. The breed was only recently discovered through observations by the British Army at the time of Fall of Man, and was believed to be the most advanced of the Chimeran strains that was operating within Great Britain. They are often encountered near Chimeran strongholds (such as the Chimeran Towers) though there have been some battlefield sightings. Many reports suggested that they served a purpose on the battlefield, but that purpose was unknown for some time. As commanding units, Angels usually don't participate in combat. It was later discovered (after the destruction of the hub tower in London) that the Angels maintain a telepathic connection between themselves and the normal Chimeran strains; without this connection, normal Chimera could simply not survive.[1] They receive their name from their ability to fly, which is most likely caused by the exhaust that is vented out of the cooling apparatuses attached to their backs.[1]

The Chrysalis is the final boss of Resistance: Retribution. The creature is actually Raine Bouchard, whom of which had completely transformed into a Hag, but the end result was actually an entirely different being. Due to the experiments that her father, Dr. Claude Bouchard took upon her, the mutation ended up horribly. The Chrysalis is now invulnerable to normal bullets, is able to maintain Raine's mind, and is remarkably similar to Daedalus. After a long, furious fight between James Grayson and The Chrysalis, Raine manages to take control enough to say how Carriers everywhere are dying, but now Spinners are taking their place. She mentions how the Chimera are too advanced and will keep evolving, and mentions that the Chimera have taken over other worlds apart from Earth, just before she becomes completely infected. James pulls out a pistol, apologizes to Raine, and shoots her in the head, echoing when he had to shoot his brother.

Daedalus was formerly a human being known as Jordan Adam Shepherd, and a Chimera who appeared as the main antagonist in Resistance 2. Daedalus took sole command of the Chimera, eliminating the command role of Angels and replacing them with his own command system; this new system included Primarchs, who have control of around forty lesser Chimera, with Overseer's having command of around twelve Primarchs, ensuring for a much more efficient leadership system. Daedalus was a creation of Dr. Fyodor Malikov. During Project Abraham, Malikov infused DNA from Pure Chimeran strains into two subjects; one of which was Jordan Adam Shepherd, a soldier, and Nathan Hale, who knew the former very well. Shepherd mutated into Daedalus, and was kept in captivity at SRPA Station Igloo up until his escape at the beginning of Resistance 2. During the events of Resistance 2, Daedalus was trying to recreate the Prometheus Weapon by collecting Gray Tech components, but was foiled by the efforts of Specter Team. Also Daedalus became more primarily focused on activating the Chimeran towers scattered across the USA and the world, which SRPA had been desperately trying to shut down. He was finally killed by Nathan Hale on board his flagship in the Chimeran Fleet. Daedalus is a fairly large, brown, Angel-like creature that can float in the air (utilizing what can only be described as telekinetic levitation to achieve this). It is clearly visible where his old human body is, as it appears his brain has expanded enormously, and his human body has bent backwards onto it (his skull, ribcage, and upper-arms are all visible in the boss fight, and corpse). When in combat, Daedalus can telepathically float, use mental blasts, and has razor sharp tentacles that he can impale enemies with, but his true power lay in his absolute control of the Chimera. Daedalus had uncanny intelligence and was an effective military strategist due to his experiences as Jordan Shepherd while in the U.S. military, which was instrumental in the Chimeran evolutionary and command structural changes he instigated himself.[10] Even though Daedalus lost his capability of audible speech in his mutated form, he was able to communicate through mental telepathy. He is known to "speak" at ranges greater than 800 feet. It is interesting to note that Daedalus claims it is difficult for him communicate with humans ("meat-speak" as he refers to it), and requires a great deal of concentration for him to do so. An early attempt to communicate with Daedalus ended in him spouting gibberish - "Meano pontha hyblom oraga."[7] It is revealed in Resistance: The Gathering Storm that Daedalus has the ability to transfer his consciousness to any Chimera type or unit on Earth; while remaining linked to his body. This presumably allows him to communicate with others even when Daedalus himself is not present, allowing him a nigh omniscient level of control over his army.

Primarchs are advanced Chimera of certain strains controlling about 40 normal Chimera, and hence being extremely influential in ground operations. They are also controlled by Overseers. They appear in Resistance 2's Co-op mode, having a health bar and 1-3 stars over their heads, exactly like Overseers.

Overseers are advanced versions of Chimeran strains which are responsible for controlling Primarchsin the Chimeran army and hold positions of command. They each control around 12 Primarchs, and hence are extremely influential in large scale Chimeran operations

Chimeran Strains

Among the varied Chimeran strains, each served their specific roles in combat. Such as Hybrids being the most predominant form of infantry and Menials serving as base and facility personnel. Among some are made specifically in siege warfare and others, in higher roles in the Chimeran hierarchy, skilled in leadership. Also, certain Chimeran strains seem to be phased out by newer, more effective strains extraordinarily fast.

Advanced Hybrid are a superior strain of Chimera that serve as the fanatical defenders of Chimeran Towers. Advanced Hybrids are much more durable than traditional Hybrids, and wear six specialized cooling tanks that are narrow and streamlined. They stand around seven feet in height and serve as elite commandos, sometimes leading even Steelheads into combat. Advanced Hybrids are also fitted with very light armor and eye masks, and are armed with the Bullseye Mark II. Every aspect of their physiology has been tuned to grant them extreme levels of performance. They must be outfitted with specialized cooling units to ensure their core body temperature doesn't climb uncontrollably during the heat of combat. These creatures are known to be incredibly strong in groups, and have been known to tear apart any intruders they encounter. Advanced Hybrids are only found in the chapter Tower. Advanced Hybrids are smart, and will utilize cover effectively, making them very difficult to kill, and very annoying. When they take cover, throwing an air-fuel grenade where they're hiding will usually flush them out.

An Alpha Grim is an elite form of Grim that appeared in Resistance 2's co-op campaign. The Alpha Grim strain are larger, stronger, brighter in appearance, and have a very strong resemblance to Gray Jacks. The cocoons of Alpha Grims are twice as big as regular Grim cocoons and look brighter in appearance. Also, Alpha Grims attack in numbers of between three-five at a time. Alpha Grims appear to be the Primarchcommand units for the Grim strain, but it is currently unknown as to how high their rank is in the Chimera chain of command.

A Boiler is a new strain of Chimera that first appear in Resistance: Retribution and are first referenced to in an Intel Document in Resistance 2.[1] They are exclusively mutated from human female subjects. Boilers have a rather human appearance with the exception of an extremely overgrown head in a way that resembles Daedalus. They also seem to have had their hands and feet mutated to resemble tentacles. Furthermore, Boilers greatly resemble Hags, though with a smaller head and a comparatively less feminine face. The Boiler was created for the purpose of invading the warmer African continent.[1] This strain can tolerate warmer temperatures better than most other Chimeran creatures can. There are two known notable Conversion Centers in Europe that converted these strains: Bonn, Germany and the Chrysalis Lair in Paris, France. Within these Conversion Centers, many comatose women flow through the pipes, and it is stated that the women are injected and gassed, mostly whilst suffocating and submerged in water. Also it appears that the Boilers in these unique Centers replaced the workforce of the Menials. The Boilers are, in combat at least, mostly suicidal and never use any apparent form of strategy or tactic (given their volatility, this was probably never needed anyway). The Boilers were most likely the predecessors to, or simply the female version, of the Leech, seen two years later in Resistance 2.

The Brawler is a new strain of Chimera that appears in Resistance 3. It seems to be heavily armored and has weak points that must be shot to kill it. It also has guns on its wrists and seems to be able to shoot out a circle of fire that kills everything around it. It has a hulking appearance and its movements are almost similar to a gorilla's

Brutes are a Chimeran strain that are quite likely the direct predecessor to the Ravager seen in Resistance 2. They are featured in Resistance: Retribution, and are first introduced in Luxembourg when one such strain kills two Maquis soldiers that are trying to close a metal door. They wield what seems to be a large chaingun in which its ammunition can be used for the IWAO-R Chaingun, but lacks the Ravager's shield from Resistance 2 and nor do they wield any plasma firing cannons. Brutes are most often spotted in the company of Advanced Hybrids, but two Brutes can also show up on the scene at once. They are very prominent figures on the scene as they tower above most of the other Chimera, with only the Titan and the Hammerstanding taller than they do.

The Carriers are a strain of Chimera which serve a non-combatant role where they journey to the battlefield to collect infected Humans who have succumbed to a Crawler attack. In appearance they are similar to very large floating jellyfish and have numerous eyes. These Chimera ferry their catches to the nearest Conversion Center where they are encased in Cocoons. However, the same infected people serve as the Carriers' food and, as such, not all the bodies survive to be converted. During the early Chimera invasion of Britain, Carriers would form caravans that were hundreds of miles long. Basically, the sole purpose of Carriers are to gather humans that have been infected by the Chimeran virus to Conversion Centers where humans will be converted and transformed into Chimera. They serve an important role by gathering the infected to amass the Chimeran forces. Carriers can be found in-game in Resistance: Fall of Man, but they are invulnerable to bullets, so shooting at them is a waste of time and ammo.

The Chameleon is a strain of Chimera that first appears in Resistance 2. The Chameleon has the ability to turn invisible, and melees the player-killing him/her in one hit with its claws. The cause for a Chameleon's camouflage is due to a special Chimeran cloaking device grafted on its body along with its cooling unit. A Chameleon comes equipped with multiple razor-sharp blades on its fingertips, which are sharp enough to impale and tear a human in half. A Chameleon will run like a quadruped, which causes the ground to shake, and upon running up to its victim, it then lifts itself on its hind legs and attacks. They show up in both forested levels and on Chimeran battleships. Usually, they attack solo or in groups of two. Rarely, up to three might occasionally rush the player on higher difficulties.

The Fury is a new strain of Chimera that appears in Resistance 2. This strain is designed to live and attack in water. Furies are almost always in levels where there is water. They circle around the player waiting for he/she to fall in the water. However, there is but one instant that the player can see a Fury out of water. During the Chicago mission, the seen Fury climbs onto land to bask in the sunlight. The player must kill all the other Chimeras so as to allow it to get out. In the short amount of time it basks, the player must swim across to the site of the dead Chimeras. Forewarn, as soon as the player get near the ramp to the hotel, the Fury will reenter the water. Furies are invincible and if a player comes in contact with one, the player is automatically killed. When seeing water, it is advisable for players to search the area for Furies as you may have to traverse over water for short periods.

The Gray Jacks are a decrepit older Chimeran breed of the Hybrids which have almost outgrown their bodies. The Grayjack strains are approaching death which means that their cooling devices have become over-taxed and their high metabolic rates means that the creature is being cooked alive from the inside-out. This gives the Gray Jacks a necrotic appearance which is followed by an odor of decaying flesh.[1] This breed of Chimera are unarmed and appear to be frail, however, they possess a long reach due to their wicked claws, giving them a deadly attack. Those wounded by a strike from a Gray Jack suffer from wounds that are very difficult to clean and can eventually be fatal. The Gray Jacks are never on the front line of combat, and they are only seen in Chimeran bases and other Chimeran territory. Gray Jacks do not appear in Resistance 2 as it seems the Chimeran leadership castes prefer the Grims over these creatures, as Grims are probably based in Gray Jack features and characteristics. For example, their only attack is to run up and bite/claw their enemies.

The Grim is a strain of Chimera that first appears in Resistance 2. The Grim has the appearance of a nude Hybrid, lacking cooling units. Their spines appear to bulge out too. They are very skinny and weak compared to larger strains such as a Ravager. The Grim's main form of attack is to run at the player and melee him/her, this attack can be very powerful when in large groups. An average group can have up to 20 Grims. When Spinners became the new form of conversion, the Chimera began creating Grims. As they can create Grims very fast with the third conversion process. As the Grim lacks even a basic cooling unit, and since it runs quite fast, it can be assumed that the Grim is created to live for a few hours at most. Without the cooling units, these Chimera will overheat and die. Though it's possible that they have evolved beyond the need for cooling. Another way is they could also remain in a hibernation state in their cocoons, until any unwanted intruder enters their territory. They most likely have only few hours to live without there cocoon after hatching. But it is possible because it seems that a large grim population remains in Chicago, even years after it is conquered by the Chimera, and there are still cocoons located around. Grims are created using Spinners. Spinners capture human hosts and weave cocoons around them. The cocoon slowly rebuilds the host as they are converted into Grims. Grims provide the Chimera with a large and quickly-made defense force. Grims are usually located in Chimeran territory, so when in Chimeran territory, be warned. Grims are also very surprisingly hardy opponents. Even with their limbs cut off (by a saw blade from a V7 Splicer), they will crawl after their prey.

The Hag is another product of a human woman infected by the Chimeran virus. This Chimeran form has a rather large head and a very durable skin. Hags can also float and fly, unlike their Boiler cousins. The only vulnerable weak point the player can attack to kill a Hag is to shoot it in the head. The Hag appears for the first time in Resistance: Retribution.

The Hardfangs are a breed of Chimera similar to the Hybrids but are known to be tougher and crueler. The conversion process of this sub strain have been skewed in favor of heightening the creatures aggressiveness. This had the added effect of removing any form of self-preservation instinct. As such, the Hardfangs are often seen rushing into combat where they make use of their Arc Chargerto strike at any enemy targets present. Royal Marine Commandos often make use of designated marksmen to eliminate the Hardfangs before they can get close enough to become a threat.

Howlers are a strain of large quadrupedal Chimera. Howlers possess rudimentary vocalizations which are believed to provide the creatures with some level of communication. On the battlefield, their calls can be heard for miles and have been known to produce a "chilling" effect to those who are familiar with these beasts. Howlers are seen as being used as a weapon to create fear among human forces, their calls and howls strike fear deep into the enemy's heart. They might also be assigned as "watch dogs" as this can be seen in Manchester Cathedral. Just as you approach the cathedral, there is a Howler that is guarding the front doors, as well as one Howler inside the cathedral. They also seemed to be used in raiding parties or assault troops, as they were seen in the attacks on both Central Command and Southern Command; and one was sent to help the attack on Cartwright's team. The Howler's thick leathery hide allows it to survive light-arms fire, though combat shotguns, like the Rossmore 236, are known to be very effective in killing these creatures. On lower difficulties and if you have the ammunition to spare, any weapon will do against the howler, at a distance. Their appearance is similar to that of a dog's and they attack by either trying to bite their enemy or maul them using their claws. Little information is available about the Howler, and so it is unknown in exactly how these canine creatures are created due to their non-humanoid appearance.

Hybrids are the foot soldiers of the Chimera's armed forces, and are the most commonly encountered enemy throughout the Resistance series. They are several inches taller than the average human soldier, are highly agile, and possess remarkable strength. Overall they are a savage enemy, but are also keen and tenacious. Hybrids quickly learn the methods of their adversaries; they had already displayed expertise in British Army tactics by the time of Resistance: Fall of Man, and later they displayed such expertise in U.S. Army tactics as well. Beyond their adaptive nature, the most obvious attribute of Hybrids is their sheer numbers. Even though the game does not mention the different kinds of Hybrid subspecies, there are several apparent classes of Hybrids. The five mentioned below all appear in Resistance: Fall of Man. However, only two appear in Resistance 2: The standard infantry, and the advanced hybrid.

Standard Infantry

These Hybrids are the most commonly encountered. They have no head gear and little armor protection, found on their legs and their stomachs. They always wield the Bullseye Rifle. They are commonly led by at least one Steelhead. On lower difficulties, standard infantry Chimera are easy to defeat, but seem to fight more aggressively when led by a Steelhead. They make up the bulk of the Chimeran military, and can be identified by four rectangular cooling towers, two on each side of their spines. In Resistance 2, they are skinnier and have less armor on their torso. The Close Quarter Combat for a Hybrid is grabbing a soldier by the neck and slamming their body into the ground. A less common form is a rifle butt to the face, knocking their rifle out of their hand, then while on the ground the Hybrid shoots the soldier in the face. Both ways take under five seconds to complete.


This type of Chimera is a lot less common than standard infantry. Because of that fact, they wear very little to no armor whatsoever, and they also wear a visor device on their heads for the purpose of scouting. They have another role as well: they act as sharpshooters and are commonly seen in positions that give them a good angle to shoot at enemies, such as on top of a building. Since they wear even less armor than normal Hybrid soldiers, they are more often than not easier to take down. They are almost never found alone or operating within small groups of normal Hybrids; they tend to stick to larger squads of Chimeran soldiers. The reason for this is because their strategy is to pick off enemy soldiers while they're busy fighting other Chimeran soldiers. They are usually led by Steelheads, just like the standard infantry Hybrids. They can be identified by four conical cooling towers, two on each side of their spines, and their trademark visors. They are exclusive to Resistance: Fall of Man.

Heavy/Armored Infantry Hybrids

These Hybrids are heavily armored, and are very rare. They can be identified by four cylindrical cooling towers, two on each side of their spines. These Hybrids are used mainly for defending locations important to the Chimera. They are exclusive to Resistance: Fall of Man.

The Leaper is one of the many strains of Chimera and is a product of a Crawler's failure to find a suitable host form. In the process of transforming into a Leaper, a Crawler begins a search for a means of sustenance whether it is through human or animal corpses. Once they have gorged themselves, the Crawler transforms into a Leaper Pod which is a protective pupae state. After which, the Leaper is spawned once the pod reaches maturity. Young Leapers are voracious creatures that attack their foes with their claws and teeth. While easily dispatched at range, the Leapers are deadly when they are encountered in large numbers. Leapers usually attack by hitting their foe but will sometimes jump on its opponent and bite him/her much like the Menial's common attack. Before making an attack, Leapers are known to make an ear splitting scream which has been known to terrify their foes. Toward the end of their life, Leapers turn into Rollers.

The Leech is a new strain of Chimera that appears in Resistance 2. These bipedal creatures pulse with highly toxic and explosive blood. Their sole purpose is to kill their prey by rushing at them in a kamikaze run and self-exploding on contact. Their thin hides make them easy to take down with any standard firearm; however, they can sprint across great distances in seconds, which makes shooting them at close range a deadly proposition. Leeches may be created in the same manner as Grims, as they lack a cooling unit (although they aren't designed to be permanent soldiers anyway) and are a relatively new strain of Chimera.

The Long Legs is a new strain of Chimera that appears in Resistance 3. The strain bears a striking resemblance to the Hybrid, but sports genetically(and possibly mechanicaly) enhanced elongated legs (hence it's namesake) which allows it to leap at greater heights and distances. This allows it to rain down gunfire from above. Because of the Long Legs' nimble leaps and agility, a Bullseyeis suited in taking down these creatures.

The Marauder is a new strain of Chimera that appears in Resistance 2. A Marauder is a large Chimera that towers even over Titans and vaguely resembles a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Nathan Hale encountered and fought a Marauder in Cocodrie, Louisiana, and he sees another one later in the distance on a road with Chimeran forces of varying strains while regrouping with Richard Blake. The Marauder walks on only two legs and has no arms. A flamethrower like weapon has been installed in the creature to channel its flammable saliva for use in combat, this also causes a problem with the creature over-heating, and depends on a special cooling unit. This not only keeps it from over-heating, but also allows it to actually use its flamethrower. After killing the Marauder, the flamethrower is visible in its mouth in the place of a tongue.

Within the Chimera ranks are Marauder Overseers, which are far more damage resilient and much more damaging than the Story Campaign version. This type of Marauder looks exactly the same as the standard Marauder, and appears in Bracknell and Bryce Canyon during the Co-op campaign-the extra defense was added in by Insomniac so that the Marauder would be a more challenging enemy than any other Chimera in the campaign when it was up against a full team of eight. Also if a player gets too close to it, the Marauder will lift up a foot and stomp the ground causing a significant amount of damage. Most notably on Superhuman mode, the Marauder Overseer is able to easily overwhelm a full squad of 8. With the exception of the advanced Titan overseer, nothing else comes close to the Marauder in terms of difficulty.

The Menials are a class of Chimera that are not intended for combat but rather the process of basic labor such as conversion. As such they are the worker caste of the Chimeran hierarchy. This species are known to ignore other Chimera as they mindlessly continue their duties. Such a role makes them rarely seen in combat operations as they are unarmed as well as both sluggish and non-aggressive. However, it should be noted that they are unpredictable creatures which makes them dangerous, especially when they are cornered. Menials attack by sluggishly approaching Hale, then grabbing him and biting him, or (The less common form of attack) simply hitting him. The Menial does not make a reappearance in Resistance 2, but were mentioned in several Intel documents. A single Menial makes only a single appearance in the opening prologue of Resistance: Retribution. Apparently, Menials are beginning to die out due to a lack of new bodies and the new conversion process of using Spinners. But, according to an intel, Menials are still being used for building and labor.[1]

A Queen Leaper is an advanced species of Leaper is present in the Resistance 2 Co-op mode. Queen Leapers can be found in Bryce Canyon and in Chicago. They are at least 3 times the size of a normal leaper. They usually control an extremely large amount of leapers, and are very agile for a creature of their size. Queen Leapers are presumably the Primarch of Overseer command unit for the Leapers. Its strange that the Leapers have a command unit knowing that they transform into Rollers. Its unknown if the Queen Leaper also transforms into a command unit for the Rollers or if it remains in the same form for the whole of its life. Its also unknown how Queen Leapers are created knowing that Leapers transform from crawlers, its possible that they transform from a yet unseen Crawler command unit or they could be created the same way as any other Chimera strains from the bodies of human beings.

The Ravager is a new Chimeran strain that first appears in Resistance 2. The Ravager is a much larger and more muscular version of a Hybrid, which tower over soldiers by several feet, and deal a large amount of psychological damage because of their sheer size, and especially their faces, which are hideous even by Chimeran standards. Ravagers are armed with a plasma-like firing weapon and a large, portable shield. In addition to their weaponry, Ravagers are excellent melee fighters and will often charge full speed at the player with shields still up which can do quite a bit of damage. They are almost always accompanied by Hybrids or another Ravager. They are considered to be the toughest regular Chimera strain infantry on the front lines, even more so than Steelheads. Ravagers wear heavy, extremely tough armor, which gives the Ravager excellent defense, but the bulky armor also makes it difficult for a Ravager to turn - if a Ravager were to run at the player and that player side-steps, it will take several seconds for the Ravager to stop and turn around, while the player can safely fire away at the Ravager's back. Also, Ravagers are also armed with a Brute Minigun instead of using their shields and plasma cannons. Ravagers are deployed mostly solo or either in small squads, the largest groups being as big as 5, and when together, are usually led by a larger Ravager (these Ravagers are probably Primarchs or Overseers due to them being significantly stronger than the others). An example of this was in Cocodrie, when Hale and his squad were escorting the fission bomb on to the Chimeran shuttle, a large amount of enemies being led by three Ravagers stormed down the bridge, with the lead Ravager being the largest and most skilled.

Rollers are the adult version of the Chimeran Leaper which has allowed the strain to become faster through the use of trundling locomotion. The side effect of their advanced age means that the variant is approaching the end of its life-cycle where internal decomposition has resulted in the venting of a corrosive spray. The Rollers are known to use this spray as an opening attack on enemies, blinding them before the creature moves in for a finishing attack using its claws and teeth. Swarms of Rollers have been known to wipe out large troop deployments in a matter of seconds. Rollers have appeared in both Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2. Rollers first appear in Bracknell, In a darker place. They later appear in several places in Resistance 2.

The Siren is presumably the predecessor of the Fury featured in Resistance 2. It is first encountered in Bonn, Germany in Resistance: Retribution. After Bonn, Sirens are encountered in almost every water environment. Near the final boss battle with The Chrysalis, James Grayson has to fight a Siren that is called The Mother, who is many times larger than the normal ones encountered. The Siren strain was first accounted in October, 1950, when the Chimera diverted the Thames River into Central Command in London, drowning 14,000 British soldiers. In which according to a survivor's accounts, many of the soldiers that survived from the flooding were torn apart and eaten by Sirens before some that didn't began to willingly to go into the flooded water to their deaths as if they were in a trance. Hence their name 'Siren'.[1] Unlike the Furies that appear in Resistance 2, Sirens have the ability to create telekinetic blasts to attack their enemies, and are able to be killed by gunfire. Sirens also appear to be mutated exclusively from female humans.

Slipskulls are a cunning and opportunistic strain of the Chimeranspecies who prefer to take pot-shots and make blind-siding attacks on their enemies rather then face their opponents directly. The Slipskull is a fast enemy, and have the advantage of clinging to walls. This makes the Slipskull a difficult target to hit. Their speedy and stealthy forms make them excellent scouts as well as ambushers. Once detected, it is necessary to eliminate these creatures as soon as possible before they summon reinforcements

The Steelhead is a clever, calculating and powerful strain of Chimera which are believed to be a superior engineered version of the Hybrid variant. In Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2, they stand around 7.7-8.5 feet but are usually bending over, often leading other Chimera into battle and in Resistance 2. They can also be seen with Ravagers, who probably command and lead the Steelheads.

The Titan is a larger strain of Chimera that represents the limits of their evolution of the human form, requiring multiple human bodies to create this strain (that is, before the emergence of the more advanced strains that appeared in Resistance 2, such as the Leviathan). The Titans are used as shock troops by Chimeran forces, and are often found leading the way in major attacks. Their size and strength enable them to wield extremely heavy weaponry normally found mounted on vehicles or strategic defenses, such as Stalker heavy siege pods. Titans aren't known to have any form of body armor as their thick and calloused hides provide ample protection against attack. However, by the time of Operation Overstrike and much later the Invasion of America, most Titans have began to wear body armor. Their armor set includes gauntlets and a chest piece. Primarchs and Overseers wear some plating on their arms and a helmet similar to the ones worn by Steelheads. Even in the fiercest fire fights they have no known weakness; this being said, shots to the head are known to speed the process of killing these beasts, but another (much more entertaining) method is to circle behind the Titan where possible and blaze away at the cooling apparatus embedded in its back. Once a large amount of damage is dealt, the cooling unit on its back will catch fire and they will explode in a spectacular explosion of blood and gore.

The Widowmakers are a large strain of Chimera that resembles an extremely large Leaper, but only has four legs. Its appearance on the battlefield requires all units to immediately engage it. These creatures make use of their barbed fore-talons to attack enemies though they have been observed to make use of explosive globules that they spew out in combat much like the Sapper. Human forces are known to suffer from a high rate of casualties when engaging these beasts. However, in addition to serving a heavy support role for the Chimera, the Widowmaker has been known to have a rallying effect on the other Chimeran strains. As such, its been known that the presence of a Widowmaker on the battlefield can turn the fortunes for the Chimera turning a defeat into a victory. Attacks with high-explosives or vehicle-mounted weapons should focus on the creature's face or body. The strain first appear in Resistance: Fall of Man, in the London outskirts level, Ice and iron. Widowmakers did not make any appearances in further sequels. It was however, seen in a trailer for Retribution (as part of a statue) and it was also seen in the first teaser trailer for Resistance 3.

The Brawler is a new strain of Chimera that appears in Resistance 3. It has a hulking appearance and its movements are almost similar to a gorilla's, and are heavily armored. They are designed to serve as both anti-infantry and anti-armor. It appears to replace the Titan in Resistance 3 as the evolved strain of it. The Brawler's primary attacks are fire-based; it possess guns on its wrists which fire a barrage of air fuel grenades, and uses its fists to smash the ground to create an area-effect blast of fire that damages everything around it. It can melee, charge, and use large debris such as wrecked cars to throw at its enemies. If hit by its charge the player will be knocked a few meters back and he/she will take about two seconds to regain control and get back up. Despite its awesome power, the Brawler is compromised by its accelerated metabolism far outstrip from other Chimeran troops, requiring more cooling apparatus to sustain it. Its heat stacksare located on its chest and shoulders, and destroying them will greatly increases its core temperature and causing it to rip off its armor and go into a berserker-like state, and subsequently dying from the unchecked heat

The Longlegs is a new strain of Chimera that appears in Resistance 3. The strain bears a striking resemblance to the Hybrid, but sports genetically and mechanically enhanced elongated legs (hence its namesake) which allows it to leap at greater heights and distances. This allows it to rain down gunfire from above. They are very similar in function to the Slipskull. Longlegs also have cooling systems that are able to flap like wings.

The Executioner is a huge, bulky Chimeran strain seen only in Resistance: Burning Skies. Executioners are bloated and enormous, with their head almost completely enveloped by their massive shoulders. They wear no armour, their bulky bodies apparently doing the job of physical armour. They are slow and lumbering, unable to do much more than walk towards the player's position. Their main feature is a massive, oversized right arm mounting a giant cannon, which is both the creature's weapon and its weak point. Two glowing fins stick up near the muzzle of their weapon and need to be destroyed, then the weapon itself can be targeted; like a Titan, an Executioner explodes into a pile of bloody gibs on death.

The Impaler is a large, hulking beast that serves as a mini-boss in Resistance: Burning Skies. The Impaler stands high on two legs, appears to have a long dagger-like arm for its right arm. It has four hoof-like toes with bulky legs and muscles its left arm has a projectile on the top and three fingers. It has a great stature with a ferocious face with horns on top of its head. It also has two heat stacks on its back. It appears at the end of the third level in George Washington Bridge where Tom Riley and Ellie Martinez trying to escape before the pair of F-86 Sabres attempt a bomb strike to destroy the bridge.

Unique Strains

Kraken are a Chimeran strain that first appears in Resistance 2. Kraken are large aquatic creatures with four-pronged mouths and multiple, drill-like tentacles. Their tentacles can also split into three, finger-like appendages at the ends. The first and only appearance of this creature was in the single player campaign of Resistance 2 at the underwater base SRPA III at San Francisco, though references to it as "a Kraken" give reason to believe that there are others. The Kraken smashed holes in the base in an attempt to flood it, and when Nathan Hale escaped the base, he fought it from the water's surface on a VTOL landing pad. The Kraken attacked using its tentacles and rammed the platform Hale was on, attempting to swallow him, while it would also dive underwater to evade his attacks. Hale endured its attacks and killed it with a Pulse Cannon when it attempted to swallow him. According to recent magazine articles on Resistance 3, Chimeran reared-creatures have become feral during Earth's fall to the Chimera. This may include the Kraken.

The Leviathan was a Chimera that appeared in Resistance 2. Described as the single-largest creature to have ever walked the earth, this bipedal Chimera was 300 feet tall. It had a large cooling device on its back, which could be seen while it rampaged through Chicago during the single player campaign of Resistance 2. Only two Leviathan were ever reported, and the origins of the strains are unknown, as SPRA had no knowledge of it at the time of its sighting. The only Leviathan encountered (in gameplay) is in the Chicago mission.[1] The second was described and photographed in intelligence reports found on SRPANET which could possibly be an early strain of it, from the French resistance.[2] It is assumed that thousands of bodies would have been necessary to create it. Prior to the Leviathan sighting in Chicago, Specter Team reported that the Chimera were constructing a 300-foot-tall enclosure surrounding Wrigley Field, which is subjectively possible that this may have been the birth place of the Leviathan.[1] SRPA had decided to ignore the report since Specter Team had just decimated the Chimera command structure in Chicago during Operation: Shadow Strike.[1]

The Mother is a Chimera that appears to be a larger form of the Siren. It is not known if "The Mother" is a variation of the Siren strain, or if it is an entirely new Chimera. It is located inside the Birthing Chamber of the Chrysalis Lair. Near the final boss battle with The Chrysalis, James Grayson has to fight this creature. The Mother uses the similar sonar attacks used by Sirens, but also has the ability to suck the player towards it. During this special attack, if the proper button combination is not pressed, it will proceed to consume Grayson and throw whatever left of him away. Although the entire battle takes place underwater, the liquid is breathable; similar to the liquid Raine Bouchard was kept in Bonn. This boss shows weakness to any of the BM003 Razor's attacks.

Mother Spinners are a Chimeran strain that first appeared in Resistance 2. Strangely, Mother Spinners resemble giant Rollers rather than Spinners. They are covered in long, thin hair and have a multi-pronged mouth, similar to the mouths of Krakens. The first and only appearance of this creature was in Twin Falls, Idaho during the single player campaign of Resistance 2. Joseph Capelli was attacked and presumably swallowed by a Mother Spinner, but Nathan Halewas ordered to continue with his mission rather than save him. Which Capelli was later saved by another squad. Once he reached the top of the defense tower, Hale saw the Mother Spinner hanging overhead and engaged it. The creature attacked by crawling around the tower and spewing acid at Hale, and also summoning Leapers by roaring. Hale manages to defeat it and knock it from the top of the tower, presumably to fall to its death. The Mother Spinnner is probably one of creatures that have become feral during Earth's fall to the Chimera, between 1953 and 1957.

"The Swarm" (neuroptera spiculus) is a large swarm of insects that is encountered in Bryce Canyon, Utah. It is revealed that the Swarm is actually a highly evolved form of the species that nearly infected all of Europe and Asia; the Crawlers. This could be one reason that the Spinners were used as the new main way of infection due to the Crawlers' evolution. Due to eating an abundant source of metal, the Swarm's exoskeleton is immune to regular firearms. Although it's weakness is electricity, such as from generators, a concentrated energy weapon, such as the Pulse Cannon used by Nathan Hale in Bryce Canyon, is required to defeat the creature. Nathan Hale first encounters the monstrosity after he and his team activate the controls to the elevator, finding a helpless scientist begging for their help before he is torn into pieces by the said creature(s). The Swarm proceeds by entering the air vent and killing Hale's men while he races back to the elevator. Shortly after, the creature tracks down Hale through the air vents and tries to get him. Hale successfully outruns the creature where he runs into Dr. Malikov and Daedalus. The final time Hale encounters the Swarm is when he tries to escape with Dr. Malikov and they are pursued by the creatures. Malikov discovers that the Swarm's weakness is electricity as it evades the generator shields. With the aid of Malikov, Hale successfully defeats the Swarm and manage to escape. It is assumed that there are more Swarms since they are evolved forms of crawlers but only one has appeared in-game.

An unnamed creature, although referred by the deeply religious couple Jonathan and Jean Rose as Satan, is a Feral Chimera that is able to create Grims and Leeches, and lives in the underground mines of Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. It usually reveals its head and hardly reveals its body. The creature is shown to have a large head and four tentacle-like claws, one on each corner of its face. Its body appears to be shaped like that of a Leaper. Satan was responsible for decimating much of the people of Mt. Pleasant and efforts in trying to kill it ended in horrific disaster, in which hundreds of people were killed in the first month since its appearance. Joseph Capelli and Jonathan Rosehunted down the creature, in which Satan badly wounded the latter. Satan attempted to chase down Capelli to a service elevator where it's finally killed when Capelli throws a acetylene gas tank into its mouth, causing it to explode and destroying its head.

The Abominationis a large Chimera that appears in Resistance: Burning Skies. The creature only appears at the end of the Military Ocean Terminal level. The creature suddenly appears in the Upper New York Harbor before Tom Riley and Ellie Martinez as they were on top of the battleship main turret. Tom lost his footing and fell onto the back of the Abomination, as the creature began to attack the naval facility. Tom fought his way and damaging vital cooling implants to the creature before he fell off and fought the Abomination face-to-face.

Pure Chimera

"Pure Chimera" are the original species of the Chimera, and are not created by parasitism, as standard Chimera are. It is presumed that the species originated from another world and ocuppied Earth more than 60 million years ago prior to the existence of humanity. At some point they enter into a violent conflict with an unknown alien race which inevitably forced them to completely abandon Earth and promptly vanished from history. Before having left Earth it is believed that the "Pure Chimera" built the Chimeran tower network and left them buried. It would be millions later into the 20th century that the species plotted to reclaim Earth. Apparently the Pure Chimera were implied to be at a severely weaken state and because of this sent the Chimeran virus to Earth in 1908. It is unknown how, but during the Chimera's invasion of Russia after 1908, Dr. Fyodor Malikov was able to collect specimens of Pure Chimeran DNA, which he would use to create the Cloven, and was also used to inject into Nathan Hale (who became semi-immune but later succumbed to the virus), and Jordan Shepherd-who would mutate into Daedalus and take sole command of the Chimera world-wide. By the time of the Chimera's near-dominance over Earth in 1957, the Chimera were making preparations in terraforming Earth into a hospitable environment for the Pure Chimera's arrival to the planet. Pure Chimera are first mentioned and seen in Resistance 2, in Bryce Canyon. There are many of them curled up and encased in transparent egg-like containers in large rooms. The creatures seem to be about 12-13 feet (3.6-3.9 meters) long while uncurled, but this is not certain. They resemble long, segmented armored worms, with multiple eyes on their heads and sharp, shearing teeth. Their heads are similar in appearance to those of Hybrids. A fossilized skeleton of a Pure Chimera can be found in the mines of Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania in Resistance 3.


Chimeran technology is far superior to even 21st century technology. Chimeran weapons are capable of doing things no human weapon could ever do, such as ammunition homing in on enemies (the Bullseye), or tunneling through walls (the Auger). The Chimera also possesses the ability to manufacture and field a large airship fleet.  Chimeran vehicles are powerful and outfitted with deadly weaponry. The Stalker, for example, is shielded in armour that most human weapons cannot penetrate, and comes with powerful weapons, including anti-aircraft batteries. The Chimeran Goliaths can fire shock mortars and Spire missiles directly into hostile territory, and their enormous size also serves a major negative psychological role to the Chimera's enemies on the battlefield.  In Resistance 2 and Resistance Retribution, it is revealed that the Chimera can also build and use robotic A.I. Drones that can attack enemies. They are usually small, outfitted with powerful weapons, and have the ability to float and levitate.

Siege Vehicles

A Burrower is an armored worm used by the Chimera to dig tunnels. It is also a transport capable of inserting Chimera directly into battle at a moment's notice. It was first believed to be a machine until recently in a intel document, witnesses say that one of the blades that broke off of the Burrower's face was bleeding and is in fact hardened bone which proved that this machine is a creature.[1] How it is created and how it safely transports infantry is unknown. Despite the fact that they are unarmed, Burrowers deals a great deal of damage on enemies that are exposed to the excavating teeth of the creatures' "face". Outside its combat duties, Burrowers are used to develop Chimeran infrastructure such as excavating buried Chimeran towers, and are primarily responsible for carving the network of tunnels throughout Britain to accommodate the Chimeran supply lines.[2] These same tunnels are also used to protect the power conduits found near Chimeran structures. Also in Resistance: Retribution, it is revealed that a Burrower emits toxic fumes, leaving traces of it within the tunnels it creates, and is able to use its fumes as a weapon by "spitting" a ball of fumes from its "mouth". In theory, the Burrower could be equal parts of both machine and Chimera; A sort of "base" creature that receives excessively complex biomechanical implants to the head (it is already known that another example of this is the implantation of the cooling mechanisms on the various Chimera strains) that also wears armour on it's abdomen to protect the Burrower from friction burns and other forms of damage from the rock around it. As to the troop deployment, it may just have a small organic head and part of the head used for troop deployment is just a hollowed out passage to the Burrower's mouth (considering that the Chimera are able to add a miniaturized x-ray feature to the Auger Mk. II, having a tiny drilling mechanism seems to be incredibly easy for them to accomplish and would explain the availability of space in the Burrower's head).

The Chimeran Dropship, also known as "buzzards", are a type of armed shuttle that provide limited levels of close air support for Chimeran ground troops. Advanced propulsion units allow the craft to create a dramatic lift allowing them to be better armored than the human equivalent aircraft. Dropships are tasked with bringing in new Chimeran troops into battle through the use of external transport containers. Each transport is capable of holding multiple Chimeran squads to ensure maximum tactical flexibility. These containers can also be dropped from low altitude directly into the combat zone for a speedy delivery of troops.

A Spire Missile is a Chimeran biological weapon designed to infect large numbers of humans with the Chimeran virus. Spire Missiles can wipe out entire cities in a matter of minutes, and have become one of the Chimera's most deadliest weapons. A Spire Missile is fired from a Goliath into human-held areas. After impacting and embedding itself in the ground, the Spire opens up and releases its deadly payload of Crawlers. In Resistance 2, however, both Spinnersand Crawlers were used in Spires, each designed for a different purpose.

The Chimeran Fleet consisted of many large airborne ships, supported by hundreds of smaller fighters, dropships, and medium-sized ships of an unknown class; it was led by Daedalus's flagship. The Fleet was constructed in massive construction yards across Europe, in places like Gerolstein, Germany.[1] Chimeran airships were first constructed in 1951, between August and September, in which European intelligence were initially warily of what their use were for. By 1952, the Fleet were responsible for expanding the Chimera's onslaught in Africa and South America, and even took part in recon missions to scout out the United States coastlines, and launched Spire attacks on areas such as Orick, California and the American Southeast states. As of January 10th, 1953, the Fleet was reported to have 80 or more airships.[2] The Fleet penultimately took part in the Invasion of America with the intentions of activating the Chimeran Towers with the U.S. During the invasion, the Fleet devastated the Liberty Defense Perimeter and regathered to the Chicxulub Crater, Mexico with the seeming purpose to harness the energies from the activated tower network into the Fleet's flagship to transport Earth. The Fleet was ultimately annihilated by the detonation of a fission bomb in Daedalus's flagship during Operation Black Eden. The Fleet operated like a modern day naval fleet. There were multiple battleships, a command ship, and many smaller cruisers and destroyers. The Fleet is heavily armed and is equipped to carry a large invasion force, supported by heavy vehicles. The large battleships of the Fleet appear to also act as energy conduits in Daedalus's plan for the Chimeran towers. The numerous vessels of the Chimeran Fleet are: ===Fighters === These were the small ships seen during the San Francisco invasion and the Battle for the Holar Tower darting all over the sky. They were compact, teardrop shaped craft with similar cockpit designs to Chimeran dropships (no apparent windows, single camera on front between spikes). They have crescent shaped wings that extend past the cockpit. They appear to have been able to equip air-to-ground weaponry as well as air-to-air weaponry, as they performed a bombing run on the artillery gun in San Francisco. The rounds of the weapon also appear to have a residual flash, temporarily blinding Haleas they strike the gun. The weapon appears to be mounted on the under side of the craft. The fighters could easily take on modern day fighter planes. ===Hornets === A one-man vehicle seen in Louisiana acquired by Joseph Capelli, the Hornet appears to be a low-altitude supply craft, carrying the fission bomb to the landing pad in the second-to-last level of Resistance 2. It is much simpler in design than other Chimeran craft, meaning that it was created early on in the invasion (when the Chimera were confined to Russiaand hard-pressed for building material), or is rarely used. Apart from being unarmed, little else is known about it. ===Cylindrical Ships === These vehicles are one of the unknown craft that surrounded the battleships. During the attempted invasion of the Liberty Defense Perimeter, one was struck and hit a battleship with enough force to push it into another battleship, implying that it contained a large amount of fuel. This could mean that it was either a "tanker", supplying fuel to other ships, or was equipped with enough fuel to go on long-range reconnaissance missions. Due to the skeletal appearance of the hull, either role is probable as it had no apparent bays, weapons, or capacity for any other purpose. ===UFO === This is another unnamed craft of medium proportion. Nothing is known about it save for it's circular design and the presence of spheres on it's prow similar to those on the battleships, but they have not been seen firing. ===Destroyers === This is the craft that bares resemblance to a Bullseye. Its sleek, menacing appearance implies that it was an offensive craft, and, if viewed from the front, appeared to have several thin, pointed weapons. However, it also had an angular separation from the main body and tail, which could have been a hangar. It had four big spikes on the underside, although if they are aesthetic or were needed for propulsion is not known. Why such a ship was necessary is unknown, as there was no human equivalent that could match it. ===Battleships === These ships were huge constructs, dwarfing everything around them, and are as big as Chimeran Towers. They had big, empty, spherical holes with a glow emanating from inside, probably the reactor. When immobile, the ships were seen to have rings turning inside the empty hull that were blocked from view by the light from the reactor, possibly the anti-gravity system. The interior of the ships were a combination of large, open air spaces, claustrophobic corridors, and cathedral-esque rooms. The underside of the ships had a green, metallic look about them. They also had numerous spikes on the front around the reactor hole, used for directing the mysterious energy that encircled the planet to the flagship. Their only known weapons were big spheres on either side of the prow, which were seen to fire enormous blasts of energy down into San Francisco. They were used to shuttle millions of Chimera across the oceans to invade America, and to act as conduits for the energy web that encircled the world. They had built-in Conversion Centersand can hold hundreds of smaller crafts in their many hangars. Basically, they were mobile Chimeran Towers. The exact numbers are unknown, but there are numbered at least over 22. When inside a battleship in Resistance 2, when you enter the bridge, there is a picture showing what could be an invasion route for the fleet, with 9 lines (one of the going through San Francisco) all leading to the Gulf of Mexico. ====Flagship ==== This ship was basically the Hub Tower equivalent of the Chimeran Fleet. It was larger and had a taller "mast" than the other battleships. It also had a spike on the underside that could have been used to communicate with the Tower at the center of the Chicxulub Crater. It acted as a Tower beacon in this location, collecting the directed energy from the other ships and firing it into the sky. It was also Daedalus's base of operations. It was completely destroyed by the combined nuclear explosion of its reactor and the atomic bomb shuttled aboard by SRPA's Sentinels.

The Chimeran Shuttle is a transportation aircraft. These vehicles are box-shaped, controlled via pilot-operated computers (the numerous blue screens with Chimeran controls underneath). Like the battleships of the Chimeran Fleet that have computerized controls and no surrounding windows, this feature can be attributed to a tactical choice; trading a cockpit, and the numerous visibility advantages that come with it, for computers, allowing the cockpit to be reinforced. This is an oddly defensive building strategy for the normally highly offensive Chimera. Like the rest of the Chimeran Fleet, the shuttle has no obvious propulsion mechanism, seemingly aesthetic attachments, and several lights. Echo Team hijacked two of these shuttles during the events of Resistance 2: in Orick to infiltrate a Chimeran warship to destroy it from within before departing to Twin Falls, Idaho to stop the Chimeran fleet from breaching into the Liberty Defense Perimeter; however, Echo's shuttle was shot down by Stalkers, in which Echo was forced to parachute over Twin Falls while Nathan Hale pilot the aircraft to make an emergency crash landing into a nearby house. And during Operation Black Eden, Echo Team and X-Ray Squad again used a shuttle to board the Chimeran flagship over the Chicxulub Crater in order to detonate a fission bomb and wiping out the entire Chimeran fleet. Nathan Hale and Joseph Capelliescaped the flagship on a shuttle before the bomb detonated, in which their shuttle was caught in the electromagnetic blast and causing them to crash land.

Drones are the Chimera's robotic soldiers, first seen in Resistance 2, but appear earlier in the storyline, appearing in Resistance: Retribution. Much like the Chimera, Drones have multiple yellow eyes-possibly used for purely aesthetic reasons, since the Drones could easily function with just one. Another possibility is that the machines uses the multiple eyes to allow thermal imaging or night vision. There also appears to be at least five different variants of drone: Worker, Recon, Patrol, Attack, and Hunter.

Worker: Featured only in Resistance: Retribution, these drones are simply cheap labor used to supplement the Menials and Boilers as the Chimeran workforce. They are mostly seen operating machinery with some sort of interface beam.

The Recon drones are unarmed and high-flying, looking alone for enemy positions.

The Patrol Drones in Resistance Retribution are of an earlier variety, thus they are larger and their firing rate is much slower, using charged shots. The Patrol Drones in Resistance 2 are lightly armed with a weapon similar to the Bullseye, which fire at a much faster rate than their earlier counterparts, but without the secondary ability, and attack in large numbers. A very easy way to dispatch an attacking swarm of patrol drones in Resistance 2 is to use the LAARKs secondary fire ability, which fires a large number of miniature, self guiding rockets that target and destroy most, if not all of the drones in one volley.

The Attack drones are large, heavily armed and armored, and are protected by a type of force-field. Attack drones carry two weapons; a single barreled Bullseye look alike and a triple barreled mini-rocket launcher. The mini-rockets are somewhat similar in shape to a hypodermic needle, with a hard needle-like nose that can penetrate organic tissue and hard materials before exploding, or possibly releasing the Chimeran virus into the target. Apparently, these drones can be piloted as Sentinel Aaron Hawthorne was manage to briefly pilot one in Orick, California. In Co-op, they appear sometimes. They always appear from a dropship in Orick if you are trying to destroy the Stalker protoype in the lumber mill. In Chicago, if shutting down the beacons in the construction yard is the last objective, then two one-star attack drones will appear to defend the beacons.

The Hunter drones are medium sized drones that have a weapon similar to the Bullseye, but fires with much more distance between shots at a fast rate. They first appear in Chicago when Hale and Warner co-ordinate shutting down hellfire turrets. After the fifth out of sixth turret is shut down, three hunter drones appear. They later reappear in Resistance: Retribution, with little differences, but they are referred as "assault drones" in-game.

An Earth Mover is a very large Chimeran vehicle that appears in Resistance: Retribution. The Earth Movers were used in Europe to crush and clear away land to make room for the vast construction yards in Gerolstein, Germany where a portion of the Chimeran fleet was being constructed. At least three are used in this area but it is possible that there were others in other construction yards. Major Cartwright and a British squadron manage to destroy two of these Earth Movers before they can crush the Maquis headquarters in Luxembourg. After Bravo Company was shot down, James Graysonmanages to disable the third and final Earth Mover single-handedly. Earth Movers are very slow and are powered by five very powerful propulsion systems and an engine. It appears that to turn off an Earth Mover you must first turn the engines off, then the propulsion systems. James Grayson destroys the third Earth Mover just by pulling two switches which turn the propulsion systems off. Minutes later it explodes.

Goliaths are massive walking siege batteries employed by the Chimera, who use them to subjugate entire cities. Each Goliath is approximately 150 feet tall. In order to subjugate cities, the Goliath makes use of concussion mortar batteries that soften up enemy opposition. Entire companies are broken under the mortar barrages of the Goliath, causing Human military units to simply flee for their lives. However, this does not save them from the Goliath's most fearsome weapon, which is the deadly Spire missile.[1] These biological warheads allow the Chimera to deploy payloads of Crawlers or Spinners in enemy positions. A single spire can potentially infect thousands of Humans, and are always fired in groups.

The Hammer is a Chimeran mech that first appears in Resistance: Retribution. The Hammer is armed with a pulse fire machine gun and energy missiles. And unlike its mechanical counterparts such as the Stalker and Goliath, the Hammer is notable for having only been built with two legs for increased mobility. After the events of Retribution, it would appear that the Chimera stopped constructing these mechs, as they do not appear in Resistance 2. Hammers can be found throughout the game, normally as boss fights. However, there are two occasions where the player can take control of a Hammer to progress through a level, utilizing both of its weapons.

The Stalker serves as a mobile heavy weapons platform in the Chimeran armies. These Chimera vehicles are equipped with anti-aircraft autocannons, a missile pod and an anti-personnel gun. This allows a single Stalker to prevent any enemy air support on the battlefield. The machine's multi-legged locomotion also provides superior maneuverability over all forms of terrain. A Stalker is heavily armored to shield it against catastrophic attacks. The only known weakness of the vehicle is the partially exposed power core on the rear of the hull, although a LAARKwill easily take one down, no matter where it is hit.


A Chimeran tower is a monumentally large spire-like structure once, towering over hundreds of feet tall. The towers were thought to constructed by the Chimera, but in reality, the structures had been constructed during the Chimeran occupation of Earth 60 million years ago, and had become and remained buried after the Chimera's disappearance from the planet. Chimeran towers serve as large land bases that house considerable defense forces and serve as the production location of larger strains of Chimera such as Titans and Widowmakers.[1] When the Towers are excavated, they telescope out of the ground and rise above the surface, explaining how they can tower above the city skylines despite being excavated from underground. They appear to be folded up in Resistance Fall of Man and Resistance Retribution and are not fully excavated at that time. Angels seem to live within the towers at first, which is what caused the Chimera to die when the network is destroyed as they could not survive with the loss of the Angels. They at first appear to be made of the dark-gray metal found in most other Chimeran constructions. The Resistance: Fall of Man towers are also more jagged and appear more like pieces of scrap metal than in Resistance 2, where they are completely excavated and appear more hexagonal, neater, and appear to be made by a different, brown-like metal substance. After the British tower network fell, the raw materials from old conversion centers were used to make new facilities for female conversion, such as the tower in Bonn and possibly help create Chimeran battleships for the Chimeran fleet (which would explain why the battleships also emit the beams of energy). The towers in Resistance 2 have an extremely tall extension at the top, while the rest of the tower seems to have opened up to allow it into the sky. After the Chimeran conversion process was changed from using Crawlers to Spinners, the Chimera had extended the use of the towers as conversion centers in which many infected humans are interned in these structures to be converted into different stronger Chimeran strains. The true purpose of the Chimeran towers was not made clear in Resistance: Fall of Man. However, in Resistance 2, more clues are revealed. When a fully excavated tower is activated (by Daedalus), it releases a beam of energy directly into the sky which then arcs and links up with other beams to form a nexus that wraps around the planet.[2] The Chimeran fleet and other small outposts are able to harness this energy. Exactly what happens next is unclear, but the fleet headed for Mexico to excavate the largest tower to finish their mission. Although the fleet was destroyed, it is believed that they teleported the entire planet Earth to a new location, although this is not certain but very likely.[3] The towers throughout Earth are interconnected in a network, in which the hub towers served as the main power nodes that powered the entire network. As seen in the events of Fall of Man, the towers are vulnerable from this network if a hub tower were to be destroyed would cause a chain reaction in the destruction of the nearby connected towers. The hub towers are the main centers/nodes of the tower network which powers the entire network. These towers are much larger than the common Chimeran towers and also served as the strategic center of power of the Chimeran military.

Conversion Centers are facilities widely used by the Chimera to speed up the process of converting humans and possibly other creatures into Chimera. Conversion Centers are equipped to handle possibly hundreds of soon-to-be Chimera. The interior of a Conversion Center is very much like an assembly line, with the newly created Chimera rapidly churned out. Chimeran virus-infected victims are brought in by Carriers and any uninfected prisoners are kept in makeshift pens until Crawlers are dropped in to infect them. They are then given surgical implants (for creating Menials), and placed into a network of tubes where the bodies undergo different stages of conversion. They are then wrapped in cocoons to accelerate the transformation and turn into a different Chimeran creature depending on the strain of the virus. In the birthing chamber, the cocoons are opened and new creatures are born. In the case of Hybridsand most other Chimera, it is here that the cooling units are forcefully attached to their backs.

A Terraformer is a Chimeran orbital weapon in creating strong weather patterns akin to a hurricane and design in drastically changing Earth's environment in order to make it hospitable for Chimeran existence. Terraformers are at least 10 kilometers in height as one is seen to tower out of the Earth's atmosphere. Terraformers are also used to cleanse an entire area, in which it kills anything within miles whether underground and or otherwise. Terraformers appear to also serve in pacifying human resistance cells and settlements, as one served in completely obliterating Haven, Oklahoma. The Terraformers are part of the Chimera's intentions to completely cooling down the Earth and wiping out the remnants of humankind in the process, and apparently terraform the planet suitable for the Pure Chimera. It is with irony that the Terraformers proved to be the downfall of the Chimeran occupation when one was used to crash into the New York tower by former Sentinel Joseph Capelli, destroying the wormhole to the Chimera's star system. After the Chimera's defeat, it is unknown what happened to the other terraformers around the world, though they were likely destroyed or possibly kept for research.


The Chimeran Anti-Aircraft (AA) turrets (sometimes called AAG) were created as a direct response to the fast moving fighter jets and VTOLs used by human military forces. The turrets can be seen stationed atop skyscrapers in Chicago firing at passing jets. In Iceland, Nathan Hale and Echo Team was tasked with planting explosives on several turrets which had been set up in a former military base station near the Holar Tower. There is a slight resemblance between the Chimeran Gun Towersand the AAGs as the AAG fire missiles or explosive projectiles. However, they could not aim at the ground due to fixed joints.

The Chimeran gun tower is a form of Chimeran technology that is used to protect the European coastline from invaders. Over the course of the two years that the Chimera had occupied Europe, they built several of these gun towers all over the northern coast of the continent, making any kind of aerial invasion impossible. They only appear in Resistance: Retribution in the first mission in Rotterdam. Maquis Intel stated that Rotterdam was clear of any defenses, and so for a brief time there would be an air corridor for the British to send their troops over to Europe. But two weeks later when Operation Overstrike began, the coastline of Rotterdam had already been fortified by the Chimera, indicating just how fast they can build. When the first squadron of British troops attempts to fly over Rotterdam, many of their VTOL aircraft are shot down and the survivors are scattered all across Rotterdam. Steven Cartwright, first squadron's commanding officer, wishes to destroy these gun towers to ensure that Rachel Parker's second squadron does not meet the same "welcome" the first squadron received. Colonel Roland Mallery and Cartwright manage to destroy two of the gun towers while Lieutenant Raine Bouchard destroys a third. Mallery and James Grayson together infiltrate and destroy the fourth and final tower, clearing an air corridor for the second squadron and so Operation Overstrike can begin. The other gun towers are likely destroyed over the the next two years when the British and Maquis are retaking Europe. It is unknown if there are any other towers anywhere else in the world, but nothing else is mentioned about them after Operation Overstrike and so it is likely that none have been constructed.

The Chimeran mine comes in many variations. The primary component is an artificial metal hole dug into the ground. This hole has sensors that if triggered releases a small mine into the air, much like a Chimeran Hedgehog Grenade. The mine variations are as follows:

The Lancer mine is not so much of a mine as it is a small auto turret. It fires an extremely long laser bolt, lending to it's name. It reappears in Resistance: Retribution.

The Hedgehog mine, simply put, is a Hedgehog grenade with a much shorter detonation delay.

The Plasma mine will either fly high releasing a horizontal shock wave to decapitate an intruder, or remain low to cut off the intruder's legs, making these the most dangerous mines encountered. It reappears in Resistance: Retribution, except that the Chimera have redesigned the shock wave. It produces a spherical shock wave, but with a much shorter blast radius. The Cloven have created some of these mines to serve their own purposes. This mine was reverse engineered to create the Plasma Grenade.

The Chimeran Mortar is a weapon seen exclusively in Resistance: Fall of Man. It has the ability to bombard battlefields at an alarming rate. During the Battle of Nottingham just two Chimeran Mortars were enough to wipe out a whole task force leaving only Nathan Hale the sole survivor. They also appear to have the ability to take down a VTOL in mid-air. The easiest way to destroy a mortar is by using the L11-2 Dragon. If you melee a Chimeran Mortar, there is a good chance that it will explode and severely injure you. It is best to stand back and use weapons.

The Hellfire turret is a heavy automated anti-personal turret used by the Chimera. It is used as a replacement for the Chimeran Sentry Gun (possibly because of the fact that a human can use sentry guns against the Chimera). Instead of firing large slugs it fires a continuous beam of energy that sets the targets on fire, and in rare cases completely vaporizes it. Although it deals massive damage to targets, force barriers are surprisingly unaffected and should be used if no cover is available. The only way to disable or neutralize a Hellfire turret is deactivating it from the rear or with air support. A smaller, hand-held variation of the Hellfire turret, the Brute Minigun, is sometimes carried by Ravagers. These are much smaller and less powerful, but can still inflict high amount of damage.

The Chimeran Sentry Gun is a fixed emplacement used by the Chimera to defend fortified and valued areas. The Chimeran sentry gun is first seen in Resistance: Fall of Man. It fires what appears to be energized flechette at an alarming rate. It is absent in Resistance 2, but makes a reappearance in Resistance: Retribution. A second variant of the sentry gun appears alongside the standard one in Resistance: Retribution. This variant fires an extremely strong flechette that usually can kill an enemy in one hit. This variant was eventually reversed-engineered into the Longbow railgun.